Illustration - Digital and Otherwise

From the very second I took my first illustration class at Mohawk Valley Community College I've wanted to be an illustrator. It was taught by a gentleman named Hank Godlewski, and he instantly became a hero of mine, and to this day still is, RIP. I'm not sure what it was but I knew that I wanted to do it and be that. Later in my schooling I took classes with a fellow named Alex Pjeiko, who was an adjunct at the time but full time faculty at MVCC now, and he introduced me to the world of illustration. Matt Mahurin and Brad Holland were two that I became aware of because of Alex, and I started really paying attention to illustrators from that point. David Kimble, Bill Watterson, Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, the brothers Hildebrandt and others were endlessly fascinating.

Unfortunately, I never was all that interested in drawing 24 hours a day because so many different parts of the design field are just as fascinating, and that doesn't make for a great illustrator. But, in the years since I've had the opportunity to do some illustration work that I am very proud of and I also get to teach illustration at both schools and that is a bit of a dream come true.

Illustration Samples

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